Finish metal exactly as you need it with our anodising, painting, powder coasting, and polishing services.

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    MG Metals provide a variety of finishing services to enhance your profiles and truly bring them to life. We specialise in:

      • Anodising
      • Painting/powder coating
      • Polishing

    Painted Metal


    With angles, bars, plates, sheets and tubes available (as well as miscellaneous and bespoke products) we are confident that we supply the right metal for your trade project. We supply the following types of metal:

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    Anodising is an electrochemical process used to produce durable and decorative finishes on components made of aluminium or aluminium-based alloys.

    Aluminium in an untreated form produces a protective oxide coating on exposure to the atmosphere. This oxide is inherently protective, but being very thin provides little resistance to long term corrosion. The coating however, can be thickened by anodising. The depth of the anodic film is determined by the time in the anodising tank, usually between 15 – 60 minutes which will create an anodic film thickness between 5 and 25 microns.

    The standard colour is silver, normally supplied in 5, 15 & 25 micron thickness’s. Bronzes, black & gold finishes are normally supplied in a micron thickness of 25. Further colour ranges are available upon request.

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    Painting/powder coating

    We offer a comprehensive range of architectural grade polyester powder coatings as part of our service. This represents a cost effective route to achieving a durable and colourful finish, ensuring quality products and innovative technologies are available to meet current and future needs of our client base. Colours can be chosen from the extensive RAL or BS colour ranges in matt, satin or high gloss, or can be matched to any client specification in flat, metallic or textured finishes.

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    A number of our stainless steel products are available in bright, descaled or dull polish finishes.


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