Quality runs through everything we do, from the metals we source to the exceptional service we provide. That commitment has earned us a variety of industry certifications and memberships over our 30 years in business.

Read on to see how our certifications and memberships translate into a smoother experience for you!

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    Aluminium Federation Logo


    The Aluminium Federation (ALFED) is the trade association representing the interests of the UK aluminium industry. They act as the main point of contact between the aluminium industry and its many stakeholders.Here’s how our ALFED membership benefits you:

    • ALFED promotes best practices and innovation within the aluminium industry. This means we’re constantly learning and improving our processes, so you receive high-quality aluminium products you can rely on.
    • ALFED keeps us up to date on industry standards and regulations. This expertise allows us to offer you informed recommendations and guidance on selecting the perfect aluminium products for your specific needs.
    • As a member, we have access to a vast network of suppliers and manufacturers across the UK. This translates to a greater variety of aluminium products for your project.
    • ALFED is committed to sustainability, and so are we. By partnering with us, you can be confident that the aluminium you’re buying is sourced and processed responsibly, with a focus on minimising environmental impact.
    bsi Logo


    Our Quality Management System has been certified by the British Standards Institution (BSI), the UK’s national standards body, to meet the strict requirements of ISO 9001:2015. This means you can count on us for the highest level of quality, customer service, and traceability:

    • You’ll always receive the exact metals you need, free from defects and meeting all your specifications. We’re committed to consistent excellence throughout our entire operation.
    • Clear communication is key. Our ISO 9001-certified system means you’ll receive regular updates on your orders, deliveries, and any potential issues. We’re here to work closely with you and make sure you get the perfect metals for your projects.
    • Everything from the moment you place your order to final delivery is documented and tracked within our system. This allows you to trace the progress of your metals from start to end.

    You can download or view proof of our ISO 9001:2015 certification and other relevant documents on our compliance page.

    JOSCAR Registered


    JOSCAR (Joint Electronic Supplier Information System) is a collaborative database used by many leading companies in the defence, aerospace, and security sectors. By undergoing JOSCAR registration, we’ve demonstrated that we meet the strict quality and compliance standards required in these industries.

    Here’s how us being JOSCAR registered benefits you:

    • Our JOSCAR registration signifies that our metals have been vetted to meet your project’s specifications. You can be assured you’re getting reliable materials that will perform as needed.
    • By choosing us as your JOSCAR-registered supplier, you reduce the risk of delays or problems arising from unqualified materials. You can trust us as a dependable source for your metal supply needs.
    • JOSCAR provides a central location for all our quality certifications and relevant information. This streamlines the procurement process for you, saving you time and effort compared to traditional verification methods.


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